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    As people can now expect to live to more than 80 years, you want your retirement income to last at least as long as you. It's never too late or early to start preparing for your retirement. So let us show you how to find the right strategy to preserve your hard earned savings as long as possible whilst maximizing any government entitlements too.


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Aware Financial Services is proud to be a Saasu Gold Certified Partner



Easy online accounting

Saasu is an online accounting system that makes running your business easy.

It works online, like your internet banking, which means you can access it from any computer, anywhere in the world.

We love it, and you will too, because you can see your most up-to-date business information anytime it suits.

The best part - it makes it easier for our team to work with you, and helps us get to know your business better!



Why should you use Saasu?

It's simple.
We can have most users up and running before they're off the phone.

It's complete.
Banking, Sales, Purchases, Statements, Inventory, Contacts & CRM, Reporting, Multi-Currency, Time-Tracking, Payroll, Point of Sale and more...

It's online.
- Cut costs (no hardware to purchase or maintain).
- Never install updates again (you're always using the latest version).
- Your data is secure (backups happen automatically).

You can use it anywhere.
In the office, at home, on your mobile. Use any web-enabled device and manage your accounts anytime.

Get started with Saasu

You'll be surprised how easy setting up Saasu is (we can have you ready to go in as little as 15 minutes).

And, as a Partner, we can arrange a variety of training services to make the transition even easier.

When you're ready to go with Saasu, one of our team will be able to discuss a plan specific to your business.

Cloud computing explained

'The cloud' is simply a fancy name for 'the internet'.

So as you can guess, 'cloud computing' refers to software and business tools that run online.

This means there's nothing to install on your computer, because you simply access the service through your web browser.

One of the most obvious advantages of this is that you can access your information anywhere, on any computer, whether it be a Mac or PC.

You probably use cloud services already - whether it be for your personal email, or to upload your travel photos to an online gallery, but now technology has advanced to the point where almost all traditional desktop software has an online equivalent.

Ask us about 'the cloud' the next time we chat, or contact us today to find out more.


Please feel free to take the trial but we suggest you ask for some "specialist" help after going through the tutorials first.  Saasu are not accountants but software developers and they will help with technical but not "accounting" problems  you may have. That is where we can help you maximise the benefits from this system and to manage your tax obligations faster and easier than the old traditional systems ever could.

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